Hello! I’m Josh Javier

a front-end web developer.

I specialize in building beautiful, responsive, and accessible websites and apps.

Check out my projects, or scroll down to learn more about me.

About me

Computers were my favorite subject in grade school. I would always hang out at the computer lab during lunchtime to bug our teacher with questions like “How do you come up with a good username and password?” or “Can we play Bookworm Deluxe pleaaase?”

But somewhere down the line, I fell in love with writing. That’s why I took up journalism in college. I’m pretty good at it (I think) and I was able to apply my writing skills working in a digital agency for almost 6 years.

Even then, my passion for computers and tinkering with technology remained. At work, I’m constantly thinking of repetitive tasks that can be automated with code to increase my productivity. Outside work, I took online courses to learn all sorts of technical skills, like using HTML and CSS to build responsive websites, or using Python to analyze data and create visualizations to explain useful insights.

So, I’ve decided to finally pursue a career in tech. You see, even though I didn’t take the traditional route of graduating with a computer science degree, I still gravitate towards coding because I enjoy doing it. I think doing something because it’s fun is a better metric for long-term success than doing something because it’s supposedly a good career choice.

My specialties include translating design mock-ups into responsive websites that follow accessibility best practices. I’m familiar with SEO and website optimization, thanks to a previous stint in a digital marketing agency. I’m experienced with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React; for the tooling, I use Git/GitHub, VS Code, SASS/PostCSS, and Node, but I’m quick to learn new technologies if needed.


Here are 5 front-end projects that give an idea of my skill level and attention to detail. You can read about each project for a more in-depth explanation of my thought process, challenges I’ve encountered, and how I solved them.

Want to team up?

I’m currently looking for a full-time front-end developer role in a junior level position! I’m also open to other opportunities as well, so feel free to get in touch via LinkedIn or email.